When the lion was tamed!

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Last week, I was watching my first IPL match of the season which also happened to be the final. I saw Mumbai Indians turning Eden Gardens into a Wankhede and assert their supremacy over Chennai Super Kings. Anybody who saw the match would vouch for the fact that there was no intent or purpose from CSK chasing the huge target.

The thought of the mind is evidenced by the language of the body.
Seeing the openers go about their task in chasing a daunting target was so uninspiring that you could only wished they get out soon and bring Dhoni on. Purposeless and lacking in direction.The need of the hour was aggression and instead over doses of caution and slackness were served. There was only one winner and it was won in the mind already

Who needs the cup more? A team with 1 win in seven editions of IPL with 2 wins in Champions League or the one with 2 wins in seven editions, 2 CLT20 wins or to glorify it, a 6 time finalist and 2 time semi-finalist Which one sounds better? One pitfall for CSK is its tendency to get into a cozy zone of reminding itself that it has never played below a semi-final appearance in all the IPL editions.

How many of us have such employees in our organisations? The proud, legacy obsessed, old timer causing perennial nuisance to HR and colleagues? This is more pronounced in small and medium sized companies where some claiming access to the MD or the Chairman directly create a bully atmosphere for the others getting on board.

The biggest nemesis for CSK is its unwillingness to experiment. Denying itself an opportunity to test its bench strength is akin to insecurity about success. You have created a record and you want to continue it without changing the team composition is making yourself predictable in the eyes of the opposition.

CSK must understand that past records are like the rear view mirror showing the path that we came by. It will remind us of how good a driver we are but doesn’t help take us further. To reach a finish line, a car is never looking at the rear view mirror.

Peaking at the right moment matters a lot. Chennai stormed the league phase with five wins from six games while Mumbai lost its first four games on the trot. Coming from that stage speaks a lot about resilience and tenacity. It is good to start with a loss as it makes the value of a win even higher. Minds get focussed, skills get applied better and the fire for success burns brighter.

There are so many employees that show a lot of star potential in the probation period and taper down thereafter. As long as the carrot is dangled and there is hunger, the donkey will continue to pursue the carrot. A carrot without hunger is not enticing at all.

As someone in Chennai exclaimed, we celebrate if we win. We also celebrate if we dont win. We have reached the semi-finals in all the editions, after all. This time, the numbers game create a case of rejoice…superficially though!

As it transpired, nobody is afraid of a lion’s muted roar

Pic Courtesy: BCCI

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