What if Lord Ganesha was an HR Manager?

What if Lord Ganesha was an HR Manager? Read on (All in good humour)
1. Lord Ganesha is the “modhakahastha” which means the one with the sweet in his hands – Rewards waiting to be given when prayed for

2. Lord Ganesha cursed the Moon God for mocking at him when he fell down with his bunch of sweets – Initiating disciplinary action for bad behaviour

3. Lord Ganesha is said to grant success, prosperity and remove obstacles if he is pleased – Please your manager during appraisal time and see results for yourself

4. Lord Ganesha wrote the Mahabharata as Sage Vyasa dictated. The Script writer of mythology – The modern day HR Manager writing corporate policies as desired by the management

5. Sage Agastya was searching for a good place to help the river Cauvery originate. Ganesha ensured he got it done from Coorg – HR as a business partner

6. Lord Ganesha was asked to go around the world for the wisdom fruit but circled his parents to teach us “Smart work is better than hard work” – Rewards for strategy and not for efforts

7. Kubera was boasting of his wealth and hosted a dinner – Ganesha ate all that was available leaving nothing for the other guests –

Never boast your increments and promotions. The next appraisal is only a year away

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi wishes to you and your family for happiness, peace of mind, success and prosperity smile emoticon

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  • Dr A Jagan Mohan Reddy

    very interesting and refreshing to read as well.One way, you have synchronised ancient wisdom with modern management

  • Nirupama

    I so loved this article on “What will happen when Ganesha becomes a HR Manager”.It stirred this thought in me, which I might want to share.

    There is this interesting insight behind the vahana of Ganesha “Mooshika”. The Mooshika” being a rodent can gnaw anything and grind it to pieces, which is why “Ganesha” has chosen the same, implying he can remove any kind of obstacle that hinders our progress. Similarly , one might say that a HR Manager serves to be the entry and exit point to any employee and tries to make an employee’s life easy at the Corporate World, by facilitating his progress, removing all obstacles.

    Another interesting perspective would be the Elephant Head of Lord Ganesha. Being a HR Manager, there are several roles that one needs to play. Analogy being wearing different masks – Engagement, Hiring & Firing, Appraisal, Talent Management, Development, etc.

    Also, I remember the reason behind Lord Ganesha’s head being severed by Lord Shiva, as he was denied entry to meet Goddess Parvati. The idea of being able to balance between both, leaves Lord Ganesha in a state of fix. As, HRs we need to be able to juggle between the Management and the Employees!

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