Finding a right speaker for your event at times is cumbersome. In the roles Shashi play everyday as HR Leader, Consultant and Mentor, He encounters diverse situations which has shaped him to gain deeper perspectives. His passion is to see people maximize their potential.  You can be assured that his sessions would be original, real-life connected, humorous and full of energy. Shashi speaks at:

Conferences and Seminars
Conferences and Seminars
Conferences & Seminars
Sk has been invited across India to address large audiences in the areas of HR and work. Reach out to him at to invite him for your next event or use the form below
Workshops and Corporate Events
Workshops and Corporate Events
Workshops and Corporate Events
Sk has been a sought-after facilitator in the corporate circuits for his insightful and witty workshops. Reach out to him at or please feel free to use the form below:
Short Talks
Short Talks
Short Talks
Sk shares from his heart during short sessions and workshops on leadership, team-building, performance management and other themes, write to shashi with you next bright idea at or please feel free to use the form below:

Suggested Themes:



Strategy to Execution

Performance Management

Making HR relevant for today?


Talent Management

Powerful Empowering

You can do it!

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