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Come August and friendship day is in the air. Messages flow, tributes run, people celebrate, the merchandiser smiles. Something that was alien to a previous generation. As much as I try, I am unable to trace a credible origin of this practice. However, what is unanimous on the internet is the fact that this was promoted by the greeting card industry in the early 20th century as August was around the time when the largest lull in business was. What is more baffling is the speed in which India has embraced and come about to celebrate friendship day. So here we are, staring at one of the biggest blind beliefs of our generation. Did people associate beliefs to Sanatana Dharma alone?
Friendship day is, to put it in perspective, an anglicised form of celebration. The English need a thanksgiving every year to express the love to their loved friends. For our land with a culture that says “Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu (sanskrit)” or “Athithi dhevo bhava (sanskrit)” or “Yaadhum oore yaavarum Kelir (Tamil)”, the culture is steeped and doesn’t warrant earmarked celebrations. Every day is an endorsement of living the principle. The only guy smiling his way to the bank is the merchandiser, thanks to the countless friendship bands that he would have sold. Having said that, lets go with the flow lest we run the risk of being labelled ‘separatist’. How we can make this day more relevant and meaningful to us?
1 Break homogeneity of the circle of friends: The innumerable selfies and group photos on social media have one uncanny commonality and a missing link. All of them invariably show birds of the same feather flocking together. It is very hard to notice diversity of people who are together. Can we reach out to that shy guy from north east that we conveniently label as Chinki? Friendship blossoms when explored beyond conventional boundaries
Take an engineering college of today. The students from a school will continue to mingle in their group
Students from the neighbouring state move together as a closed unit. Entry restricted! Friendship was not to be inside a cocoon. It is meant to traverse boundaries, societal limitations. Take an oath that you will expand your boundaries and befriend at least one soul in the coming months. Your should be richer next year
2 Accentuate the positive: Friendship day should be used for positive reinforcement. Remember all the good things about your friends. Recharge yourself by forgetting all the negatives that strained your relationship. Remember to forget them and surge ahead. It will allow you to be at peace with yourself and make life for people around you better. That is the best investment we can make for our relationships.
3 Reach out: This is the ideal opportunity that you have been waiting for. Everybody needs one to build bridges. Reach out to that friend you parted ways with after a petty fight. No tussle is bigger. The health of your relations can be gauged from making an acquaintance a friend or allowing a friend to slip back into an acquaintance. Take the initiative to celebrate the good times. Life will be better ahead!
4 Respect individuality: The best way to endure friendship is to allow and accept our friends the way they are. Strain begins when sentiment is stretched a little more than needed. The joy of being begins at this point of acceptance.
As i sign off, this favourite quote circled my mind. “I set out to find a friend but couldn’t find one. I set out to be a friend and friends were everywhere”
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