Five signs that your employee is going to leave you

Five signs that your employee is going to leave you
Shashikanth Jayaraman
Ask an HR Manager and he will say It is tough to hire. Ask a line manager and he will say it is tougher to retain
Technology has advanced much and analytics is being embraced in a big way. Yet, the challenge remains in clearly predicting the retention capabilities of an organisation or the stickiness of an employee. That is what makes human behaviour intriguing and the profession of Human Resources fascinating
Every manager finds himself in a spot of bother when a team member leaves him. It is that time when all the pressure is on the HR Manager because the replacement hiring should have happened as on yesterday.
Employees always send out signs that all is not okay with them. In the heat of the daily routine, we fail to observe them. It is here that the test of leadership happens. We all run in the flow and yet some patterns emerge out of the routine and it is here that the Business Manager and the HR Manager can collaborate together to proactively address the concerns, if any, for such behaviour. Unfortunately, we think of all these if and only if the employee is a performer, critical resource, Hi-pot or a knowledge anchor of the team
Here are some signs that an employee is likely to leave you soon
(1) Late response to emails
This is an early but sure sign that your team member is not as engaged to the work as he should be. At first, mails in the inbox keep piling. This is followed by a reduction in speed of response decreases. Subsequently, action or reverts on important subjects are not accorded the priority it requires.
(2) More missed calls unreturned: Ah! This is something you certainly cannot put up with. Your frustration really grows when your calls are not returned. You are seeking that important presentation or analysis to be included in your report and there is no response. As motivation decreases, the eagerness of answering the call of duty also decreases.
(3) Looks at the same situation with a lament and not a smile
He was your go-to man. He would make heads turn taking his targets head on. But you don’t see that sparkle in the eyes anymore. The responsibility is replaced with a shirk of the shoulders and helplessness.
(4) Reasons take precedence over results
This is one of the most injurious thing that could happen to a winner’s attitude. You would have hired him for his result-oriented approach. Of late, he tends to discuss more of his efforts and reasons for why he failed than the result.
(5) Meetings become a mere attendance affair: He comes, sits, drinks tea, poses to listen, leaves without any contribution. The ideas have dried up and you have to tax a view point out of him. Really irritable moments.
Having said the above, increase in unplanned leaves, frequent permissions to go out of office are obvious ones to identify that something is amiss with your employee.
The last day while getting relieved is the happiest. As much happy as a fiancee getting married. The smile lasts until you meet the next boss!
All is not lost under the above circumstances. In the next article, we shall discuss about how to proactively retain our employees. Until then, Happy Learning!
Shashi is the founder of HR Sangam, motivational speaker and mentors young HR professionals. He actively lectures and writes on a variety of topics relating to Human Resources. He can be reached at
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