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The “roller coaster-ness” of the cinema industry is well known. The industry is driven by trends and sentiments. One block buster on ghosts and you have a series of movies on the super natural that follow. Romance clicks and a hundred flicks eulogize Valentine. One flop by an actor prompts attribution to bad luck, superstition and sudden receding of opportunities. No wonder, the industry can make or break careers. After every trend setter, our directors come back to remind us about the defined rules of commercialism on duets and romances. Just when we think we are incorrigibly confined to masala pot boilers, comes a director that pushes the defined boundaries of film making. I watched Baahubali earlier this week and was bowled over by the manifestation of imagination of one man.
Baahubali is a wonderful case study where the industry has evolved with technology. Kochadaiyaan experimented with it. Baahubali affirms it. Two humongous creations in a span of a year that will make South Indian Cinema proud. How I  wish Kochadaiyaan was made into a real time movie. The success would have been as collosal as its scale. Baahubali, is not a movie that was aimed to break the 100 cr barrier. This was an investment of passion and the return on it is there for all to see.
India has contributed the largest epics to the world, The Ramayana and the Mahabharatha. And yet, none of the mythologies have been told so effectively on screen. Baahubali is a reminder to that impending duty of the film makers. It is an irony that the land of story telling has unimaginative film makers dishing out formulaic movies one after the other. Too much assembly line monotony!
In more ways than one, Rajamouli is an alter ego of those Start-up entrepreneurs. Stretch your imagination. Push your boundaries. Give your best effort and voila! you get investors and customers alike. More appreciable because film fraternity is yet to get industry status in India. Passion will thrive where there is a willing partner or producer. If and only if, most of the corporates invest and believe in their HR partners, if and only if, the ideas are allowed to germinate and grow, we would have much better workplaces. Self-belief and conviction is the oxygen for HR today and that is the need of the hour. From belief and conviction, creations are made. Creations build credibility. The audience response to Baahubali is a celebration of that credibility. When ordinary people come together for an idea, magic is created. When people work for a cause, “what’s in it for me” comes naturally.
Coming to the magnum opus offering, it is a simple story served in the most visual stunning manner. The waterfall, the war scenes, the characters of Kattappa and Sivagami remain with you long after we leave the theatres. Its a meaty role for Sathyaraj as Kattappa and he has done full justice to it. What a fantastic transition he has made in the last few years! Ramya Krishnan reminds us that she is a timeless classic. Assets are meant to depreciate. Atleast, that what our CFO tells us. Padayappa believed in the power of her eyes in 1999 and gave us the unforgettable Nilambari. It continues to shine brightly through Sivagami in 2015. No depreciation here! Abundant appreciation!
The movie has been shot in Tamil and thankfully it is not a dubbed movie. A dubbed movie takes away the native originality and sheen away from the original. Music provides some darkness in an otherwise bright film. But with one of the senses deeply engrossed in seeing, the one listening wouldn’t complain
Baahubali is an act of perseverance. As much as I wonder on the grandeur of the movie, I am curious to know how did the entire crew keep themselves motivated during the entire movie. There would have been a hundred reasons and a thousand moments during the last three years to give up. All it requires is one reason to continue marching ahead. The victory of the film lies in its ability over the past years to work towards the goal unflinchingly. In a sense, Rajamouli is a CEO, operations head, financial controller, marketing strategist and HR manager all rolled into one.
Flood the market with your product and give it a hype. People are bound to throng and that is exactly what is happening with the film. The promotional campaign is as commendable as the captivating production of this movie. Such kind of movies need to be encouraged. As you sow, so you reap. If we need good cinema, let us appreciate good works of creativity. A museum for Baahubali only ensures Rajamouli has capatulted himself to a place in history. Baahubali is South India’s Mughal-e-Azam. History will treasure it. Go and watch to be a part of it
Better cinema will beckon us to invest in encouraging Baahubali. In supporting and holding such a Baahubali with strong arms, we are a Baahubali too.
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