Sk consults for startups, micro, small and medium organizations to strategize, shape and scale through effective human resources management practices. The following are the specific areas he consults them:

A new startup faces heat and is focused on customer acquisition, I help such startups with hiring, performance management, training and policies.. Scroll down to get a list of areas that I can also help you in the journey!
Small and Medium Businesses
Small and Medium Businesses
A growing organization's challenges are very different, its dealing with internal team, external customers and in between investors, I help such organizations with both strategic policy planning and downright tactical execution.. Scroll down to get a list of areas that I can also help you in the journey!
Family Businesses and Enterprises
Family Businesses and Enterprises
Organizations on the growth curve face challenges with retention, engagement, succession planning, developing leadership and creating adaptability, I help these organizations specifically in the areas of their need, scroll down to look at the list of areas I can help you with!

Specific areas:

Corporate Strategy

Hiring and Recruitment

Learning and Development

Performance Management

HR Policies and Process

Employee Engagement

Talent Management

Employee Relations

Safety and well being

Diversity and Equality

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