While Namma Singara Chennai celebrates its 376th birthday, I have derived my identity from being a part of it. As I wait for my flight at Bangalore, I gather my perspectives on the city with the largest urban population of filter coffee enthusiasts in the world. Here are 25 points that will connect with every Chennai kudimagan

Our Geography, our pride
  1. General Knowledge means remembering that Marina is the second longest beach in the world. We don’t care which one is the first
  2. As a child you grew up thinking Gemini Flyover was the longest in India and there would be no building to beat the altitude of LIC on mount road
  1. We appreciate Kalyani raagam and Danga Maari at the same time
  2. Dance that included gyrations and pelvic moves are perfected over Kuthu songs that take prominence during condolences
  3. Hindi means DDLJ, Hum Aapke Hain Koun and the immortal “A farmer who is the grandfather of Raghu lived in a village”. Transliteration invited
  4. The social responsibility that we know and are fond of are cleaning beaches and saving the turtles on the shores
  5. Major festivals are Diwali, Pongal and Thalaivar Rajni’s movie release
  6. Reading ‘The Hindu’ is more important than discussing what The Nation wants to know!
Madras, Movies & Madness
  1. Hollywood means Schwarzenegger and Arnold means body building
  2. We believe Madhavan was always better than Hrithik Roshan
  3. We like Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir but we also love to see their movie screenings only with sub-titles
  4. Satyam Cinemas is a mandatory itinerary item for every date
Linguistic abilities
  1. Our english teacher would ask us to give examples for Degrees of comparison in grammar. We replied hot, hotter, hottest
  2. We use “What the” more often than the British or Americans. Just that there is no hell or f*** to suffix it. The Tamil version is a stand alone, you see!
  3. ‘Machan’ is the name given to the brother of every girl you fall for. “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai”
  4. ‘Mama’ can mean friend, police or CSK team owner depending on the context
  1. Weekend getaway means ECR, Mahabs or Pondy in reverse order of affordability
  2. We showcase the largest natural urban drainage system called the Cooum
  3. You are in Chennai, If the landlord puts more conditions for house rent than the one you see in your appointment letter
  4. You see an open tap in your relative’s house and rush to close it only to be stared upon all in the room. Water is more precious than petrol in Chennai. After all, saving every drop of water means every drop of effort
  5. Your negotiation skills had its first grounding with auto rickshaw drivers
  1. We switched off the TV after Krish Srikkanth got out. This was long before India started doing the same with Sachin Tendulkar
  2. We continue to feel proud when Star Sports mentions how Chennai applauded the Pakistan team that won the test match in 1999
And yes! We are thankful to Chennai simply because
  1. It gives belief to women that they can travel at night with modesty intact
  2. All settlers are welcome. The Sahukars are thankful for giving them Sowcarpet
  3. We are the most co-operative when it comes to giving way to ambulances
We continue with our eternal quest to clarify that Keralites, Telegus and Kannadigas are NOT Madrasis
Oh yeah!…. Our airport is within the city. Boo to the others!
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    Excellent one

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    Vareh vah..Awesomely said.. excellent write up sir..

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