5 Mistakes in a Fresher’s CV

Come September and recruitment across engineering campuses in India warms up. Many things run in a student’s mind. Brush up of theory, Concerns of boosting CGPA in the final year, Getting a couple of papers published and that nightmare of cracking the campus interview. While we can hardly control the kind of interviewer that we are destined to meet, there are surely many things that we could seek perfection in. One of them is the ‘Facebook’ of the candidate. A Resume
Much as they say, the face is the index of the mind, a resume is a clear peek into the caliber of a candidate. It is absolutely important that we minimise our errors and be naturally ourselves as much as possible. Here are 5 common mistakes that freshers do to their CVs while preparing one. Corrections that needs to be made are also suggested
1. Career Objective: The first two or three lines in a resume is intended to reveal much about the aspirations of a candidate and where he or she is seeking to grow. It is therefore important to ensure we write our true objectives here. Unfortunately, we find a lot of students conveniently taking glossy statements from the internet from model resumes and paste them here. Remember that an honest statement on career plans is a hundred times better. Students who are apprehensive of grammar mistakes in the resume can seek help from class mates or faculty members in correcting it.
2. References: A fresher need not provide any reference at all. Let us understand that a reference is basically to enquire about the performance of an employee from his or her previous organisation. In other words, it helps in taking what we call as the ‘second opinion’ before the company decides to hire. In the case of a student, the primary criteria is marks and hence it is is not applicable. Whatever credentials need to be known can also be made available through the college
3. Declaration: A declaration is a statement of honesty from the candidate that he has provided true facts in the resume and has not fabricated or falsified any part of it. This again applies to those with work experience and for a student, it is all shown in the mark sheet. Hence, a declaration and the accompanying signature are not required in a fresher’s resume.
4. Areas of strength: If the career objective reminds one of Google, this one will remind of Microsoft. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to be exact.  If you believe you are unique, you strengths are unique too. Why waste an opportunity to mention what you are known for? Your strengths need not be team work, leadership or smart work. If everyone had it, the whole of training industry would be out of business and corporate India would be closer to perfection. Hence, reflect on your past successes and think deeper on what made you successful. The answer to your areas of strength lies there.
5. Achievements: One obsession that I see amongst campus interviewees is to load the CV with as much successes as possible. This includes accomplishments in areas that are neither academic or extra-curricular or is unconnected with the job that they are applying for. Winning dance competitions is unrelated but if areas of strength include confidence (derived out of numerous stage performances), there is a logical connect. It is therefore better if the achievements are mentioned according to their relevance to the job or chosen field of study
To summarise,
  1. Be yourself
  2. Do not borrow the contents from another’s CV
  3. Write what is relevant and natural to your characteristic
In the next article, we shall discuss about how to draft a career objective. Until then,Happy learning!

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