5 Mistakes in a Fresher’s CV

Come September and recruitment across engineering campuses in India warms up. Many things run in a student’s mind. Brush up of theory, Concerns of boosting CGPA in the final year, Getting a [...]


Chennai 376

While Namma Singara Chennai celebrates its 376th birthday, I have derived my identity from being a part of it. As I wait for my flight at Bangalore, I gather my perspectives on the city with the [...]


Friendship day – Beliefs & Resolutions

Come August and friendship day is in the air. Messages flow, tributes run, people celebrate, the merchandiser smiles. Something that was alien to a previous generation. As much as I try, I am [...]


Dr. Abdul Kalam: Science meets Sainthood

As the nation continues to shower unending encomiums on the late People’s President and the national mourning draws to its end, I continue to be amazed by the countless anecdotes that are [...]

Filmy Rumination: Baahubali – Corporate India needs Rajamouli

The “roller coaster-ness” of the cinema industry is well known. The industry is driven by trends and sentiments. One block buster on ghosts and you have a series of movies on the [...]